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It's your first time using DHL Express? See what you have to know and prepare.

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Why choose DHL Express?

It's the fastest way to send and retrieve a shipment. If you value your time and you're looking for high quality, DHL Express is your best choice.
You will get a great price for a quick and safe service, and if it's necessary, we will take care of the customs costs for you, with no extra charge.
Reliability. We pay great attention to safety and quality, which allows us to simply deliver exellence. That's one of the main reasons why, when it came to choosing the most reliable courier company of 2017 in Poland, people pointed to DHL Express. 
You need to send your shippment elswhere? Do you need an offer for businesess?
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When is my shipment going to be delivered?

If your shipment does not have to undergo customs clearance it will be delivered the following day. That kind of shipments include documents and shipments of low value (up to 190 USD). Shipments that require customs clearence might take up an additional day to deliver due to customs procedures. In case of some territories delivery might take longer than one day, especially if they are situated outside of the range of major cities.

In order to know the exact time of delivery visit: 

na stronie

Is there anything I cannot send?

Considering international laws and safety procedures dealing with aerial transport DHL Express does not accept for transport:

  • cash, stocks, instruments of payment;
  • gold, jem stones, rubies, jewellery, antiques
  • guns, including firearms and ammunition, explosive and radioactive materials;
  • illegal drugs and psychotropic drugs;
  • drugs requiring special means of transport
  • animals, human and animal remains, biological samples e.g. blood;
  • flammable and corrosive fluids: varnishes, glues, paints, acids, toxic substances, 
  • insecticides and herbicides, activated carbon, resins
  • goods that might prove hazardous for those who come in contact with them;
  • goods that might damage or destroy other goods;
  • items prone to decay that require specific transport conditions;
  • pornoghraphic materials;
  • when it comes to aerial transport special attention should be given to:
  • eadible alcohols > 70%, alcohols included in cosmetics (perfumes, colognes)
  • pressurised gasses: aerosols, shaving creams, hair sprays, deodorants
  • other goods: magnets, thermometers, mercury, car parts e.g. airbags
  • air, fluorescent lamps,
  • lighters,
  • excise bands
  • food

How do I pack my shipment?

It is the senders responsibility to properly and safely pack the shipment. Remeber to make sure, that the goods being shipped are not loose and are not moving in the package. Use good quality packages and make sure to use filling materials if the package is bigger than the shipped goods. While shipping your goods to India with DHL Express, you can use our dedicated company document envelopes, or our company packages for goodds weighting from 1 to 10 kg. In both cases the packaging will be free of charge. You can aslo take a look at our standard shipment's packaging guide.

Can I send personal documents?

Yes, however, remember that every shipment containing a passport or an Identity Document, has to be revised and registered by the Border Guards. Moreover, Border Guards require a written statement from the client regarding the shipment's purpose. Passports sent through Warsaw or Wrocław might depart with a one day delay.

Attach a document stating the purpose for sending the passport and / or ID.
Download and print the document.

How do I order a shipment online?

You can order a shipment using 
DHL Express website.
 Placing the order and creating a shipment takes just a few minutes. This allows you to print your transportation document (label), which containts the shipment's number.

Can I order a shipment by phone?

Yes, you can contact the DHL Express Contact Center by calling: 42 634 51 00. Our English speaking consulstants are available from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 18:30. Bear in mind, that by ordering your shipment by phone you will pay 30 PLN more than in a DHL Express Service Point or by ordering a delivery online.

How much does a shippment cost?

The price range starts at 153 PLN gross. We deliver our shipments in the fastest and safest way possible. You can find the prices for shipments up to 10 kg by klicking here:

Shipment prices

Does DHL Express have an offer for businesess?

If you need to send more shippments and have a business, contact us, and we will present you with an offer tailored to your needs. 
Visit DHL Express 

Can I send a shippment to an another country?

Yes, we deliver to over 220 countries and territories. In order to see our offer for private customer visit:
 our dedicated website.

Document download

Terms & Conditions


1. This promotional discount is organised by DHL Express (Poland) LLC, located in Warsaw, at Wirażowa 37 street (from now on called „DHL”).

2. You can use the discount during the period of time starting from the 9th of November 2018, untill the 31st of December 2018  if you are a natural person or a business entity paying in cash for your international air shipments, ford products defined in pt.3.

3. Products that are affected by the discount are:

Envelope packet up to 0,5 kg

Packet S up to 1 kg

Packet M up to 2 kg

Packet L up to 5 kg

Packet XL up to 10 kg

4. Should you choose to participate in the promotion, a 10% discount will be added to standard cash offer prices. You can find the before mentioned prices at, prices „Osobiście”.

5. In order to be able to use a 10% discount you have to give the UDE10 code, while posting your shipmnet in a DHL Service Point. 

6. This promotion is not a game of chance. Should you have any questions regarding the promotion, you should adress them by e-mail, to the Indirect Sales Coodrinator Express at:

7. The above mentioned promotion cannot be combined with any other DHL Express promotions .

8. Any claims regarding the promotion will be accepted by it's administrator untill the 31st of march 2019, only in written form.

9. Taking part the promotion is unambiguous with accepting the above terms and conditions.